MW Designs

Custom paint and airbrush

We customize your truck, hotrod or motorcycle with fotorealistic portraits, skulls, flames, animals or pinstripes with original custom design that will set you apart from anything else.

No matter how innovative every new project is, one thing is the same through all of our work: every piece is exclusive and original. We make every project to stand apart from the rest with a unique design as a reflection of your own personality. This is what makes our work so special.

Interested in a project like these?


MW Customs – One Piece Fiberglass Backplate

5mm Fiberglass: 60 Kg; Including all brackets and rubber mountings. Available in White & Black. Easy to adjust at own wishes
– 20cm Overstock on top, 30cm Overstock on bottom,
– Perfect fit
– Ready for painting (no filler required)

€2,500.00 ex BTW

Volvo Letters – RVS (Stainless Steel)

– Volvo Letters
– Hoogglans rvs
– 100 mm hoog

€175.00 ex BTW

We deliver a total package

Tired of shopping around for all of the required expertise? We deliver all of our projects from design to construction. In our webshop you will find many cleaning products and lacquers so you don’t run out of gear!

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